Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bonita Lou Barbara (Morrill) Vandervort

Bonita Lou Barbara (Morrill) Vandervortt died, February 11 following a brave battle with cancer.

Bonnie was born to Russell and Margaret (Siverly) on October 22, 1942. She was the oldest of 5, and cared for her siblings, enjoying base ball and other games with the children of her neighborhood.

Losing her mother at the tender age of 5, she and her siblings and father were blessed with the loving mother, Charlotte Mae (Zell) Morrill, who raised them as her own.

Bonnie graduated from Bradford High School, 1961 in Kenosha Wisconsin. She married and raised her family. Following the death of her husband, She returned to college and received her degree in Restaurant Management. She traveled around the country, finally meeting and being united in marriage to Steve Vandervort in New Auburn Wisconsin December 7, 1991. In the late 1990’s, they moved to Sidney Montana to be close to her daughters. She made her last trip to Texas December 2010.

She was an accomplished seamstress, and enjoyed playing with and learning the newest computer technologies. Bonnie enjoyed cooking, gardening and canning vegetables, and never forgot the birthdays and anniversaries of her extended family. She was never afraid to take on a challenge.

She is survived by her husband, Steven Paul Vandervort, Sidney Montana. Her daughter, Marjorie (Ronald) Dahle of Bowie, Texas, her son, Roger (Shellie) Lindley of Amarillo Texas and her daughter Sheila Ohlin of Sidney Montana. 10 grand children and 2 great grandchildren. Three brothers, Danny (Lu) Morrill and James Morrill of Ft Atkinson Wisconsin, Gary (Barb) Morrill, Fredric Wisconsin and one sister Linda Wickline, Kenosha Wisconsin. Numerous nieces and nephews. She also claimed and adopted many friends, into her family

Bonnie was preceded in death, and greeted in heaven by her loving parents, Margaret (Siverly) Morrill, Russell Morrill, and Charlotte (Zell) Morrill, one niece, Carla Morrill, one nephew, Darrell Lindley, grandparents and aunts and uncles, and her first husband, Willie Lee Lindley.

Bonnie has requested that internment be by her children, at the sites of her parents and first husband (Golden MS, Kenosha Wisconsin & Chetek Wisconsin). To honor this request, her children will pilgrimage in the early spring, and a memorial will be held in Kenosha Wisconsin to celebrate her life. For any one wishing information on the time and place, please contact a family member.

In lieu of flowers, honorariums to help defer the cost of the pilgrimage or Memorials may be sent to 367 Indian School road, Bowie Texas 76234.

Honorary Pallbearers

Honorary Pallbearers

Dave Meehan,
Bill Cundiff,
Larry Knels
Sonny (Wilmer) Lorenz
Michael Tac Buchanan

Her grandsons:
Ryan Dahle
Aaron Kringen
Juan Soban
Carl Soban
Brandon Kringen
Erik Ohlin
Clayton Lindley
Todd Ohlin

What a glorious morning

Today I awoke a little after 8am, and my first thought was, "Oh my gosh, Mom" as usually I would be up by 6 to start her morning needs and breakfast.  I was into the hall way thing, wow I overslept, before registering what had transpied the previous day. What a hit to the gut! Instant pangs of missing mom. 

As hard as it was to let her go, I am so grateful that Roger-Tressa-Christine-Keira the monsters and Ron were here, as we were able to console on another in a way that only family can do.  What mixed blessing to be so saddened by the loss of a parent, but to have the privalaged joy of little feet and giggles romping around, what would have been an awful time.  Those little guys will never know what an important role they played in my heart ache.  They always make me smile and remind me of the purpose of our time here on this earth.  Their sweet little faces are God's pure love magnified a bazillion times over.

I am so glad the Steve was here with family, and not alone.  Although he has a great and wonderful church family in Sidney, who have been there for him every step of the way.  He has received so many calls-cards and emails.  I cannot express how much it has ment to him to keep in touch with those is has grown close to.

I will include mom's obituary, that will post in the following newspapers: Sidney, MT-Bowie, TX-Amarillo, TX-Chetek WI-and Kenosha

Because of the distance, and mother natures relentless blast of unpredictable weather, Roger and I felt it would be easier for us to travel to Kenosha, than for everyone to attempt to travel here.  Mom's wishes were to be cremated and her ashes interned with her parents and my dad, we will be making the journey sometime in the spring-early summer, and have a grand celebration of her life, including the songs of her choice which included her favorite "Hank Williams".  Roger and I always knew when she was mad, sad or ready tokill someone, swhen we came home and found ol Hank Blasting on the record player.  We knew it was- stay clear of mom time!! Ha ha

As I requested before, please keep the stories and memories coming, as we will be compiling a scrapbook of sorts to share at her memorial.  I think it will be fun for all to see and share.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has so diligently called, or written in which ever capacity.  It has been inspirering for us all.

Luv to all

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mom's Passing

Mom was greeting by those loved ones who have passed before her, about 2pm today. We are all so thankful and blessed by the experience of caring for her needs in these final days. Although short, her time here in Texas was filled with memories and happy times.

She enjoyed all the company who came to see her, the phone calls, cards and emails. To all who sent them, thank you for the bright spots in her day. She looked forward to seeing who wrote to her or posted on her blog or face book. It was one of our favorite times in the morning. Much more fun than the pokes and prods she endured do to her condition.

She really enjoyed all the emails from her cousin Pat, he child hood friend Paul and her Sister in Law Margaret. Thank you for never forgetting her, and NO-you were never bothering or interrupting anything that could not wait.

Mom always joked she would come back to haunt those 'who done her wrong' but I know she is just another angle among us. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing her to pass from this earth is a calm and peaceful way. She was so scared of being in pain or going through trauma. Just proves Heavenly Father knows his stuff!!!

Roger and I have decided to return Mom to Kenosha. She has requested to be cremated, so we will honor her wishes. Due to the long distance and cost of travel these days, Roger and I will plan a memorial in Kenosha later this spring or early summer. We will celebrate her life were it began so many years ago. I think it will make for a grand reunion of sorts, and give everyone a chance to make plans to attend who wish to and are able. She was against a traditional funeral, as she didn't want anyone “boo-hoo'n” as she put it. I think the memorial to celebrate her life at Washington Park perhaps, or one of the parks were she spent time with her family and friends as a child.

As we develop plans, we will certainly keep everyone posted, and accept suggestions. For now, enjoy your families, and appreciate those you love. They are very precious, and you never know when Heavenly Father will call you or a loved one home. Make every day special while you have the chance.

I have one request. Please take some time to write a short or long, note about how mom may have affected your life, or a great story to share. I think it would be amazing to put them together in a book and share them at the memorial.

Luv to all

Today is Friday

I wish I had better news for everyone, including me! Mom slipped into a peaceful sleep last night and has rested comfortably since.  She appears to be free of pain and comfortable. The things I continue to pray for.  It is not easy watching her slip further and further away, but I am finding comfort in faith and the love of Christ, and know she will soon be with friends and family she has missed and longed for.  In the comfort of the arms of Heavenly Father now, and her fight  is slowly coming to an end.

What great strength there is is knowing, that although we may suffer challenges in our lives for our short time while we are here on this earth, we reap great rewards for our eternity.  No matter the trial or tribulation in my life, I am always able to find solace in the truth of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.  I almost cannot fathom that Christ came to this earth, for the pure purpose of the love of man and to insure their immortality.  How undeserving I am of that love and promise. Yet, the promise of that love is all a person needs to get them through the toughest of times, we need only to embrace it. The greatest proof of a Fathers love. Just as we, as parents, do our best to protect our children and do our best to protect them from themselves.

Luv to all for a blessed day, and don't forget to tell the ones you love, you love the.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Quiet day

Mom was blessed with a wonderful afternoon yesterday, and an awesome conversation with Roger. I had gone into town for an appointment. The morning was sad, as mom was not really coherent, and struggled trying to find a comfortable place.  She was very weak, and needed 100% attention.  My awesome mother in law came to care for mom while I was gone.  Upon my return, mom was on the phone with Roger, and had eaten sherbet ice cream (her favorite) and had drank more water in half an hour than in the past 3 days!  It was wonderful to have her back, even if it was for a short time.  She had a very restful night, and a plesant day today.  She still sleeps most of the time, but appears to be comfortable and pain free.

Hospice brought her an air mattress today, to try to make her more comfortable.  Things just get sore, when you lay in the same place most of the time.  I try to get her to lay to her side, but doesn't last long, as her hip hurts her so bad.  What ever she want, in order to keep her comfy.

We were blessed with 5 of the cutest lab puppies today.  Tressa's dog woke Christine up about 1am.  Guess the proud papa knew his honey might need help.  Tressa stayed up with her, I went back to bed, as Tressa & Lucy(the mama) appeared to have everything under control.
I awoke this morning to find a head count of 3.  By 10am -the count was 4 boys- 1 girl.  All the darker yellow lab. Cute Cute Cute!!!!

I am excited to see my little monster men and my favorite daughter in law (and the baby granddaughter she' pack'n) tomorrow.  They are coming over to hang out.  Think we will make cookies! In case you didn't get it from the previous sentences, I kinda like my monsters and their mama allot!!!!!!!!! Really allot! She's a most spectacular mother! The boys are recovering from double ear infections. Poor guys.  Gramma cuddle time should be great medicine! (if not for them it will be the best medicine for me)

We are expecting another cool 10 degrees during the night.  BUT-YEA-warming up from here.  60's over the weekend and into the upper 70's Thursday next week! I am soooooo ready for spring!!!!!

Well onward and forward. Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening. I want to thank everyone again who has sent mom emails and cards, or called and sent face-book messages.  I read them all to her.  We are all grateful for the prayers.  My prayers for her now primarily are for her peace and comfort.
 It is important to her to not be alone.  She is never alone, ad the girls are here and between us all, we have been able to insure all her needs are promptly met. 

I am so blessed to have this time with her, and am so grateful to all those who had a hand in getting her here without incident.  I praise God for his enormous hand in accomplishing all the things that have been needed, and seem almost magically to come together. Not magic, just the big man's hands all over it! So glad Faith and Prayers are such awesome gifts from our Heavenly Father.  How amending it is to understand how his grace and love nurture us and protect us from ourselves!

Luv to all, hug your luved ones tight!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday February 8

Once again, we are bracing for COOOOLD weather.  7 degrees tomorrow night! Wa hoo! Not!!! I am ready for summer.  Spring planting usually starts about mid March.  I bet the green houses are suffering this year.  I will stay toasty warm in the house. Cuz I will stay In the House!

My poor lab is so fat and even she gets to be in the house. She is due any day, and looks like she might have about 20 pups! Guess all pregnant females feel that way.

Mom is slowly slipping away from us. She is comfortable and free of pain, which is the goal I set and am currently accomplishing.  We have many conversations, which change rapidly from one subject to the next, but she appears to be happy and not stressing so that gives me comfort.

I find myself seeking Heavenly Fathers comfort more and more.  Guess I actually take time to  pray more rather than pray when I have time!!!! Is it not sad that it takes lessons in our life's to allow things to affect us to make better choices? We need to learn forward, not back words.....
Please continue the prayers for peace and comfort for mom, they are working.

Luv to all!